Comment: ill give you one example, is

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ill give you one example, is

ill give you one example, is so silly, so minor, but it always rings alarm bells

try to avoid it, and you have a better chance of no alarm bells when providing facts

heres a picture of two "suspects", the very first thing that pops to mind, why is it cropped? Does it seem like its nightime in that picture? why not show the whole picture?is it becuase they needed to zoom in? but if thats the case, you should have shown the exact same picture unzoomed, so we KNOW this picture was taken where its claiming to be taken?

this could very well be genuine, but im not gonna follow blindly, and just assume its genuine because its supposedly from our side, after all, wouldnt you be asking me to stop questioning, no, as id never ask the way, im just using this as an example, if someone posts the full image, or proves undeniably through road markings and other pictures, then well done, that is what we are asking for, and my appreciation

please dont ask us to act on something that we may not see as definitive prove, however much we wish to see it, if your angry at us for not acting, stop getting angry, and become better journalists......and i for one think you guys are perfect, you have the drive, but the, for lack of a better word, "presentation" needs to grow, and i am most definatly rooting for new journalists, dont get angry, get growing