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Are you familiar with the homesteading principle?

In order to gain ownership of previously unowned lands, you have to make use of them.

For example: a farmer homesteads property rights to a piece of land when he becomes the first to plow it and and plant it.

He cannot simply look at a piece of land and declare it his property, he has to be the original user.

Same applies to a mine shaft below the ground, somebody may have a farm 500 feet above you, but they did not homestead the soil 500 feet below them, you the miner have homesteaded it.

But also, consider if someone digging a tunnel under your house caused your house to collapse into it, they would be responsible for the damage as they have caused damage to your property, just as if a neighbors tree fell onto your house.

As for disputes of where your property extends too and where your neighbors property begins, private courts would be capable of solving these disputes.

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