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It is not a DSP project though and I would agree, that'd be rather simplistic. My masters is in Architecture and my thesis is a focus on using holistic principles to re-identify the relationship of our natural environment with artificial spaces via architecture and the ultimate influence on the psycho/physiological perception/response of the human.

A Euclidian/Pythagorean form investigation coupled with Fibionacci natural sequencing and the timeless rule-sets of Classical Order while maintaining an approach to satisfy the Vitruvian Man!


For the color/music Newton theory, I would have instead positioned a web cam to behave as an optical lens detecting colors in space. The lens would survey the space and respond with information that is converted to an ARBITRARILY set musical key note. You are correct that it is only one method of doing this and therefor not directly creating a unique relationship - however, keep in mind that when a camera is able to detect color and play a note, a movie film reel can be made with Adobe made color gradiants that when understood and sequenced properly could possibly reproduce the greatest works of Mozart.

Painting Music would be worth a thesis, if it were mine to make!

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