Comment: Maybe it's in the delivery, rather than the content

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Maybe it's in the delivery, rather than the content

I'm envisioning handing out a script to each kid, grouped in different areas of the room. Say these 10 kids get 'businessmen' scripts where each has a different 'small infringement' act on it and a number for the order to speak it. Another 6 get 'politician' scripts with the same. One gets president and 2 get banker scripts.

Have each kid in a group read their line and defend it on moral grounds. Rig them so each seems benign.

Then have them speak their lines in order playing out some major event that's verifiably true and caused some major evil we fight today.

Then, mention a few other events like those in the comments below.

Then top it off with some agenda of the bankers to control money scarcity into the system so they can corrupt each of the other groups. Explain how we each play a role and lots of small liberty infractions lead to massive problems.

Just a thought. I bet it would stick though.