Comment: Kerry speaks with such passion about the people of Boston

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Kerry speaks with such passion about the people of Boston

being harmed. So does Obama. Such hypocrites!

What about all the people in other nations? They have used the same kind of bombs on them; shrapnel bombs that shoot out pieces of metal in a crowd. Thousands of lives destroyed and limbs lost in other countries!

Payback will indeed be a bitch if it is coming back on NATO-US. Can they be so blind and stupid? The horror of civilians blown up by drones and bombs in other countries is not shown to us; so we can pretend it is not happening. Such hypocrisy!

What happened in Boston is a horror, but it is a small event in comparison to the ongoing slaughter of innocent people in other nations! Multiply the blood you see in Boston by thousands to see what NATO-US-NWO has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Serbia, Syria, Vietnam and the list goes on in the name of the NWO.
Iraq before invasion.
Iraq after invasion. Turn music off.
Send Bush, Obama, Tony Blair and his Friends to Fight
NATO-US Armed and Funded Terrorists in Syria on the Road to Iran
Syria Horror
Out tax dollars in action!