Comment: Well, depends on what the

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Well, depends on what the

Well, depends on what the weight of the lid is.

Say it weighs 1kg and a single story is 4m x 6 stories means 24m lets just say 25m. Lets just say it took 1.5 seconds to get there.
This is all rough estimation, but should give a ballpark answer/idea of the force.


so 2*1kg*25m/1.5s^2

This is about 22.2N of force. Roughly of course. A newton is about .225 lbs of force meaning it took about 5 pounds of force to blow it into the air that high.
Far from a precision calculation, but should give a ball park answer. Would of course depend greatly on how fast the thing traveled so say it could possibly be up to 4x the value I found or about 20lbs of force instead. If we say it only took a half second to get up there, than it could be 45 lbs of force. We can assume the lid blew almost vertically give or take a few degrees so whatever the overall height it went is, it wouldnt have landed too far away.

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