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Crime exists

I do not want to communicate any negativity concerning any effort between honest people as they seek to find each other.

There is, on the other hand, a criminal among us, and there are a few more than one, and then there are the few of that criminal group who have been known to set aside their differences and they organize into a criminal gang, and then, even worse for honest people, there are those criminal gangs who have figured out how to make their crimes legal for them to perpetrate while they convince their victims that these same criminals are going to protect those victims from harm, and if you have a better term for those people than the term I use, then we can use your term and we can avoid using my term.

I call a criminal a criminal because a criminal defines the meaning of a crime as a criminal resorts to deception, threats of violence, and aggressive violence upon a targeted innocent victim chosen by the criminal.

I call a gang of criminals an organized crime gang of criminals.

I call a gang of criminals who take over an otherwise voluntary form of government by the term Legal Criminal.

You can use whatever terms you want, but if you claim that there is no such thing as a Voluntary Government, which is something that has existed, does exist, and can exist into the future, as not existing, then you are either ignorant or you do know that voluntary governments have existed, do exist, and can exist, and you are resorting to deceit for some reason; and I can guess the reason, and I can find out the reason, and you can confess the reason if you do know better, and if you are resorting to deception.

There are many very effective lies and this is one of them. The lie that voluntary government cannot exist works to divide and conquer the targeted, innocent, victims.

Perhaps we are on the same "side" here, and language makes communication very difficult.

Case in point:

The people demanding a legitimate democratic assignment of leadership POWER (that can be revoked by the people) hereby attest to our POWER in numbers.

We hereby assign ourselves as leaders of the free world to be counted as such by any other pretenders to the throne. Any laws made by any one of us will apply to every other of us from now on until the extinction of the human race.

Any one pretending to be above the law will be viewed by us as a person volunteering to go outside the universal law.

Universal law applies to everyone equally and blindly.

We the innocent and law abiding citizens of the world attest to our POWER in enforcing universal law by revoking all licenses now enforcing prejudice of any kind upon the innocent; we do so by signing this public petition.

No longer will the power to punish be wielded by criminals. When our number reaches critical mass - legalized crime will no longer be tolerated. We will throw the criminals out of office. No more. No less.

Anarchism, as far as my study goes, does not mean that there is no government, and there is a saying that expresses this understanding as such: anarchism is not "no rules", rather, anarchism is "no (false) rulers".

Anarchism, as far as my study goes, goes back to Zeno of Citium and the Stoics as such:


"Zeno urged the need to lay down a basis for Logic because the wise person must know how to avoid deception."

In America there are 4 notable anarchists starting with Josiah Warren who invented, produced, and maintained examples of Voluntary Government in his work titled Equitable Commerce.

Governing principles are explained in great detail and quotes of relevance include:

[Responsibility must be Individual, or there is no responsibility at all.]

Lysander Spooner's work included a proposal for competitive money.

An Essay on Trial by Jury (useful for any effort to defend against crime)

An expose on The Constitution titled No Treason.

I have to go at the moment, but there are criminals among us and dealing with them in an organized, voluntary, way is to be ignored at a cost.


Also by Lysander Spooner is a very useful report on the Science of Justice that includes a useful soundbite.

The ancient maxim makes the sum of a man’s legal duty to his fellow men to be simply this: “To live honestly, to hurt no one, to give to every one his due.”

This entire maxim is really expressed in the single words, to live honestly; since to live honestly is to hurt no one, and give to every one his due.

Moving onto the rich history of American Anarchism is the example offered by Benjamin Tucker.

Here is where someone wanting to know why criminals organize into Mobs that then take over Voluntary Government do so, and how they do so, and along the way the move from Voluntary Government to Involuntary Crime Made Legal, Legal Crime, or just Involuntary Government, along the way, there are casualties such as an organized effort for defense, by honest people, using names to accurately identify their numbers, whereby said organized effort of volunteers, seeking the power of organized defense, are corrupted, and the labels, the names, the terms, are counterfeited.

Where once a person may call themselves a Rebel, for example, the term Rebel becomes, in time, a term that is falsely associated with a criminal.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, is a saying that applies to such things, such things as Trojan Horses.

So what are we to do now boss?