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Last one

As you've insisted on creating numerous new threads without addressing... well ANY of my posts below in response to you, I think this will be my last post in the thread.

Is that the best you can do?? LOL

Uh... yes? It falls down in some parts before others. Are you telling me they purposely set charges that went off at different times so that it fell more naturally? That being the case, then I don't see the evidence you're claiming for controlled demolition. are talking about the core areas?? Yeah, dude that is classic CONTROLLED DEMOLITION where the core of the building goes first, pulling the four walls inward.

You must be talking about some sort of "classic controlled demolition" that doesn't actually exist. Is your claim that if the core of the building collapsed in this type of structure that it wouldn't fall?

But the FASCIA of the building, on all sides which would include the perimeter columns and the exterior walls and windows, the first 10 floors or so...DID INDEED descend at the speed of gravity.

Uh... the fascia of the building? I'm trying to understand what you mean here, because you put it in caps. Fascia generally refers to a lip around the edge. Did you mean something else? And no, they didn't. They may have gotten close, and parts may have fallen off and reached gravitation acceleration, but from the video of the fall it obviously doesn't fall at the speed of gravity unless you edit the video or start it when the building itself doesn't begin falling. I mean heck, if you play fast and and loose with the editing you can make it fall at whatever speed you want.

It took a high school physics teacher to confront NIST with the calculations and the clear videographic evidence, and NIST finally had to admit it into the record.

If they did, quite frankly they're just wrong. NIST has been wrong before. Heck, they still can't get a stable H2S mix together for us to use as an SRM. I'd like to see the quote in context if you'd like to provide it however.

Now, the only way 10 floors can "collapse" at free fall acceleration, is for 10 floors somewhere below to suddenly cease to exist.

There's an interesting point. Can you please show me where in the video those floors completely ceased to exist? Because I never saw that occur.

Where did those floors below go? Did they magically slip into a parallel universe? Or were they BLOWN TO BITS?

Love the usage of the term "bits" btw, it makes it seem as if there were huge steel beams laying around everywhere. We all know that's not true however, so I applaud your creative redefining of nouns for the purpose of bolstering your arguments through metaphor.

But weird, still noticing you never defended the points below... wonder why not.

Eric Hoffer