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So... I provide exactly the type of evidence you're asking for, and your response is, "But that doesn't count!!!1"

Sorry man, but at this point I don't think you're a fair judge of quality. I don't think I'd trust you to serve hamburgers to order given this conversation.

Sorry man, I don't think anyone created a blog of every single dead body from 9/11. Feel free to indulge your sick interests on your own time.

Also look at these pics of the WTC being built, where did ALL of that material go? How could a fire have made them evaporate?

Have you not actually ever looked at the huge piles of debris? I'm really trying to understand how your head works here man. There are pictures of this all over the place, but as soon as you see them you stick your head in the sand and go "la la la la" and pretend it's not there.

Eric Hoffer