Comment: I'm around an on-TV when I visit people

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I'm around an on-TV when I visit people

sometimes. My main thought is amazement at how boring it all is when you're outside the fear-mongering. So much is left vs. right stuff and if you're one or the other, it seems so important who's "winning".

My dad was asking me if I'd seen this guy Dr. Ben Carson. He was just so into this topic, but all I saw was the latest Establishment attempt to test out a mouthpiece. What the mouthpiece is named is the only new piece of information and that's soooo boring.


And I spend so little time a day perusing the news, keeping up on what the main-streamers might think is important because the TV says so. I can spend hours around those on-TV's and not hear anything new because I got it all in a much more condensed form. So much repetition and commercials and dramatic pauses. I'm not saying I'm not wasting my time by keeping up on mainstream topics, but that time can be wasted so much more efficiently.

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