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Yep. All true.

Know who else gets the info? Pharma. The pharmatutes, I mean drug dealers, I mean drug reps... can go down and find out which doctor is prescribing what. Not to which patient, but that data is all in one spot for them now, so when they pop in to the clinic with free samples, they can decide whether the doctor gets a lot of free samples or just a few, and whether the staff gets lunch or not, and whether the doctor and his staff get invited to the BEST parties at Academy (continui9ng education conventions.) And they will threaten the doctor if he is not prescribing enough... maybe the threat of "no more lunch for the staff" sounds trivial, but it has an effect. For the most part, the doctors don't care what drug they prescribe as long as it is FDA approved for the disease. They usually do not even know what any of them cost.
I remember when doctors ran their office and "patient care" was what I got paid to provide. By the time I retired, I rarely saw patients. I was the coding compliance officer for HIPAA, Stark, and OSHA. I also managed the clinical staff, and my boss was... the bean counting MBA. The doctors did whatever he said. He covered all his greed with "How many patients do out of business doctors serve?" and since he was "the business expert" we all went along with the expert's advice.

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