Comment: whoa, hold on!

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whoa, hold on!

Do you pretend to know who every "bad guy" is?

I don't know how you can, unless you are God. I don't.

Do you even know which Jews I am talking about?

Click on this:

and this:




I've seen the link you posted; I have watched it several times, so I don't know why you are arguing with me.

I have found, however, that if I question Israel I am told that I am an anti-semite.

I applaud Jews who oppose Israel, because it takes more courage to stand up to your "own" people--

I applaud Catholics who ask for light to be shed on priests who abuse; I applaud Baptists who refuse to support constant war; I applaud anyone who questions his/her own.

But I do not pretend to know every wrong that has been done, and I don't pretend to know who all the villains are.

I don't believe that foreign aid should go anywhere. I believe that it's time for America to recognize *her* own sins and repent of them and stay out of the business of other countries, but I am afraid that is never going to happen.

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