Comment: Keep in Mind the "Polls" Obama is referring to

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Keep in Mind the "Polls" Obama is referring to

Along with the media brainwashing blitz, came the fake polls.

Yahoo's main page had a poll asking if the reader was in favor of new gun laws or not. I voted when there were about 3,000 votes. After voting, I clicked "view results", and was surprised to see that 80% so far had been in favor of guns; only 20% against. That ratio did not match the comment sections, where overwhelmingly no one was buying what Obama and the corporate news were selling. Well, I monitored the "poll" on yahoo's front page all the way up to over 200,000 votes. Every time that I checked, the ratio remained the same! lol What a farse, unfortunately, much of the American population actually believe that garbage.

Furthermore, I used to post quite often on Yahoo, at least trying to dispel some of the most blatant lies. Recently I noticed a change in attitude in the comments, it's all inflammatory one sentence lines playing the democrat/republican paradigm, personal attacks, emotional statements to try to make the fake news real. Also, in looking at my profile on Yahoo and checking my previous comments, where most if not all had way more thumbs up than down.....someone or a group of someone's went through and even my old comments (that obviously nobody would look at now), were all voted massively down! lol Which tells me that someone went down my profile and each of my comments added dozens or scores of thumbs down to

Freakin' twighlight zone, when will these bassturds get called out for all of the manipulation?