Comment: factory raised meat and GMO grains . . .

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factory raised meat and GMO grains . . .

will make anyone sick.

I am half and half. I eat no more than three servings/non-gluten grains/day--

and I eat meat about 4 days/week, but it's always free range or grassfed--more poultry and fish than beef; can't do pork at all, doesn't matter how natural it is--

I won't eat grains that aren't organic--

Eat lots of vegetables, as many raw as I can--

and fruit.

Eat no more than 1 T. of raw honey or maple syrup or agave/day--

don't use artificial sweeteners--

I still have health problems, but not as bad as before I started this diet--

before I went on this diet I ate very little meat, but it was all feedlot/factory--

and I ate whole grains, but most of them were glutenous--

I have yet to find the perfect diet. When I eat no carbs at all I lose so much weight that I can hardly move--

can't even sit down I'm so boney--

wasn't happy at all on that--

felt like my head was going to fall off--

I started adding some grains and not eating so much meat (even 'natural') and I did better, but I haven't eaten any gluten grains for two years--

no sugar--

I think it's an individual thing; if I don't eat at least 2 servings of organic rice or millet or non-GMO organic corn/day--

my weight goes so low you can't see me if I stand sideways--

but if I try to go without meat I can't do that either--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--