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We might be on the same page. I am only a criminal to the extent that I support and depend on the current system of legalized crime.

Perhaps your "voluntary government" equals my "anarchy;" my "government" equals your "gang of legal criminals." In any case, my point is to encourage people to individually make a commitment to each other because the time is coming when such understanding and alliance will be absolutely necessary. The gang of legal criminals is letting us breath for the moment, but that situation will not persist indefinitely.

Perhaps we part ways in that I think extremely locally. I want a solid commitment with one or two others I can trust. When we are self-sufficient, connected to our neighboring land, and organized to defend it, then I'll worry about building on that. You seem to envision a bit bigger and looser structure. I don't begrudge you that, but I sure hope you can trust it. I hope your "innocent and law abiding citizens of the world" are innocent as much as they are powerful. I may be skeptical about that, but I cannot judge. Therefore, all the best to you.

Update: And I see that you have exactly two signers of your petition. Since this is precisely what my contract above envisions, maybe you ought to get together with Chad and discuss your common defense.