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In Italy, after the pesticide ban

the bees were healthier. But it's interesting here, in an article on the Italian ban, what is said about mono-cropping, one of the problems as per the poem I posted, To Bee Or Not To Bee. It's amazing to me how nature takes care of these things: honeybees *thrive* where they have a varied diet (not just almonds or blueberries). According to the article, the "pests" do not!
"Despite lawsuits from the chemical industry, the Italian government has prevailed and kept the suspension in place.

And, Panella added, industry warnings that the suspension would result in drastically reduced yields, have not materialized.

He says there were modest losses to pests, but only in areas where mono cropping was common. In places where crop rotations were used, "there was no damage, and no need for chemicals!"

For his part, Greatti Morena told me, "In North Italy, where the corn is the most important crop, the bees did not die in 2009, and the same thing happened this year (second year of ban)."

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