Comment: I think people here are forgetting

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I think people here are forgetting

I see a ton of posts saying this way is better than that way, going back and forth ad naseum. But there is something you all are forgetting. Humans are not clones of each other. Every single person is unique. Their bodies work in different ways, their metabolisms go at different rates and what they can metabolize efficiently varies greatly. In short, there is no "one size fits all" diet. One person might benefit tremendously from a vegan diet, and another might be harmed, and the same goes for the paleo diet.

My diet is atrocious by many people's standards, and yet I am perfectly healthy. I eat fast food every day, burgers, lots of chicken, fries, steak, rice, pizza, not to mention all sorts of sugary items. I barely eat any vegetables aside from potatoes, pizza sauce and whatever is inside of an egg roll. But my blood work shows all my nutritional levels to be perfect, and I can barely even seem to add weight (about 133lbs now). Given my sucsess, would I recommend this diet to everyone? Of course not! My body has been specially adapted to this eating style, and most people would wind up seriously overweight and unhealthy. So maybe we should all cool down all this "my diet is best" talk and try "this is the diet that worked for me" instead.