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I read

That the two guys were together. One of the bombs was in a black backpack/duffle bag, I haven't read anything about the what the second bomb was in.

Maybe it's not these guys, maybe it is. I think if the FBI has evidence of them dropping one or both bags somewhere they should show that too.

The photo of the kid in the blue jacket and his track coach in the white hat that so many people were focused on at first looks convincing. But if you look at the photo of them in the crowd where the guy in the white cap doesn't have the bag on his shoulders anymore, just look at the position of his arms. Both arms are stretched straight pointing right in front of his knees, the exact position anyone's arms would be in if they were hold a backpack in front of them. From that picture it looks to me like he still has his bag, he's just holding in front of himself out of view of the camera.

People also need to remember that this race was on a weekday and plenty of people would be carrying plenty of things for other activities they have to do that day.

As for the guys that look like military talking on cell phones, well yeah, they probably are military talking on cell phones. Everyone was on there phones right after the bombs went off, calling people to tell them what just happened. Is it now suspicious to witness something completely mind blowing and then to talk to someone on a cell phone about it? Why were they there? Because the Boston Marathon is a big deal and they wanted to be there. I've seen military run half marathons in full combat gear. And I've seen plenty of other military standing on the side of the road cheering on runners.

These internet sleuths are nothing but conclusion jumpers making accusations about things from still pictures that show no evidence of wrong doing.

With all that said, It guess the FBI is distributing the photos with the most identifying information. But I too would hope they'd release the video of photo that shows one of the two dropping off the bag and continuing on.