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no I was referring to the live broadcast of Alex Jones Show,

and after the new reporter Lee Ann McAdoo reminded them the FBI publicized photo of the bag that contained the pressure cooker that was all tattered was BLACK nylon. But today's press conference showed a man wearing light beige/gray backpack, not black.

Yesterday, Boston PD/FBI/DHS released the picture of the ripped apart backpack that used to contain the pressure cooker: it was CLEARLY a black packpack. Now, you can also clearly see the WHITE foam/filament padding/liner for the bag flailing and tattered about.

Well, a not too observant listener called into the Alex Jones show, soon after McAdoo said that the picture released today was of a man with a gray-ish backpack, NOT black. The not-too-observant caller asserted that the photo released yesterday of the ripped apart had 'white stripes' so according to her, it "definitely looked like backpack in the photo that FBI released today."

Apparently, the woman caller didn't know what a white foam/filament padding/liner for a backpack looked like.

No bigs; you're simply stepping into a coversation in medias res.

To recap: I am talking about black packpack, I was simply referring to an female AJ listener who called-in to claim that she thought the in the picture she saw yesterday, it was white. It wasn't. She mistooked the white underlayer padding as the outer layer, when the backpack is CLEARLY black.

Predictions in due Time...

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