Comment: Quiet, scarecrow! Shouldn't you be deflecting birds?

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Quiet, scarecrow! Shouldn't you be deflecting birds?

What you said doesn't matter to Alex (and his Watson brothers/MI6 agents!) What matters is trying to paint the attacks as a false flag that involves government in conspiracy! It's called Bread & Butter. It feeds Alex (although he doesn't require, since he's already worth multimillions, but pay no attention to that!)

I had realised what you posted, when I first looked at the 4chan compilation yesterday. Those guys both have their same backpacks before and after the attack. Clearly innocent, at least regarding being backpack bomb suspects.

As I said in a previous thread, the Unabomber look-a-like, apparently is busted.

What I find strange, is that the FBI, with the publicly available information they have, haven't reported that "Unabomber" guy as a suspect. Seriously, WTF.

He has the same bag (as a bag that had exploded) and he has it on his arm in a quick-release manner (that would be easy to place it on the ground, without having to un-shoulder it from his back.)

FBI lying, or FBI incompetence? Perhaps both.