Comment: No encryption here.

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No encryption here.

No, the Daily Paul doesn't run encryption, even if your browser asks for it.

(The server isn't even configured to encrypt if you ask for it. Note that if you stick an "https://" on the front of the URL you get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.)

So you probably don't want to post from work, where I.T. might be reading your postings. B-)

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Back when my wife and I ran a mailing list on a very controversial subject, 'way back before blogs, we ran with no encryption on the server, too. (No encryption on ANY traffic to/from the server, as a matter of policy.) And I made sure everybody signing up for the list knew this.

The idea was that, if the authorities followed up a tip from some disgruntled type:

- If they tapped the line, found only unencrypted traffic, and read it, they could see that there was nothing to bust us about and thus no career benefit to do so. Result: No disruption for us (or even any indication that they were watching.)

- If they tapped the line and found encrypted traffic, it would take 'em a few hours to go to a judge, get a warrant, break in, seize the server (along with any other electronics or computer media), and haul it off to be examined at their leisure (leaving us with a wrecked house and a major loss of records and then-very-expensive equipment). Then, when they found nothing, they would have a strong incentive to make something up to head off lawsuits.

So we ran bare. Also, we actually shut the list down, eventually restarting it under a new name with a new signup, when a user telegraphed that he was about to violate the rules with a lawbreaking posting.

The list had been closed and the users migrated to another mailing list by the time I needed to run an encrypted connection with an employer.

In these days of identity theft, industrial espionage, privacy violation, and common use of strong encryption to fight them, the story is different. But The Daily Paul is open to subscribers, which it accepts automatically. And we've made some powerful enemies among the powers that be. So what's the point of using encryption and giving our enemies an excuse to harass us?

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.