Comment: This is just TOO funny. Bix

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This is just TOO funny. Bix

This is just TOO funny. Bix Weir....the ultimate kook, Mr. Comic Book...


"For those of you who have been on this Road for a while you may have already seen this FEMA video "World Upside Down" as I have analyzed it many times. From the rising SILVER fork to all the eggs flying out of the basket to the dinosaur extinction symbology this video was designed to FREAK all us Conspiracy Guys out! Check it out again but now look at the CLOCK!

World Upside Down (from the FEMA site

Did you see the time 5:10? Let your conspiracy flag fly a bit here and consider the possibility that FEMA is giving us another heads up to be ready for "something" around May 10th or 5/10.

Hmmm. Stranger things have happened."


Obviously Mr. Comic Book didn't bother with the fact that this video came out in 2009.
I wonder what else he simply neglects to notice....

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