Comment: our smoking backpack?

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our smoking backpack?

I didn't write this...

now that Sandy Hook theater troop seems to be off the hook, Anyone who doesn't admit how cleverly orchestrated some of these "updates" have been woven and naturally balanced with, isn't paying attention. liberal application of fear and stress. Are they just slappin us around a bit with their chaos machine? Many have seen, and see, some of the conditioning happening, from said folks who have developed a taste for power. Especially when they are blaming us for their controlled situation. Some men, are afraid to face music and find it naturally reassuring to blame someone else. Scary to admit, I understand.

Don't give me any shit about complicity! you and I both know how those families, trapped in the secret side, have fantasized about getting out on more than one occasion. That fits in with the convenience of going underground for awhile. Or maybe the PTB don't ask, they"re more used to the other thing.

It is the old firing squad trick , with slightly better odds of not having carried the "real" bomb, or was that just a rumor? One backpack fires a blank. nice little rumor machine they help themselves to, better than we, often.

Sombody's love is gonna win back fresh water ... one day. For now , the blame game.