Comment: Two cool cucumbers

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Two cool cucumbers

I don't know who those two guys with the nice backpacks are, but they sure have a para-military look to me.
Also, how in the world can you just stand there, feet away from a bomb blast with many injured and not do something to help is way beyond my comprehension.
They look rather young and healthy, chatting away on their cell phones...Two Cool Cucumbers...this really is baffling.
They have definately been "trained" to ignore carnage when it's right in front of their faces.
Why are they there?
Also, in one pic...I saw a female with a rather large duffle bag, What happened to her after the blast?
Too many questions about too many photos.
Thank GOD for the internet, it will not be so easy for the powers that be, to tell us it was just a "weather balloon" this time.