Comment: The government is probably

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The government is probably

The government is probably using their facial recognition software to locate a constitutional Ron Paul supporter to frame as a patsy. Without independently verifiable evidence, I'd view the FBI's suspect with great skepticism. Government trolls are working this website heavily today. They disappear after the whistle blows around 6 pm Eastern. They'll be back tomorrow with their silly disinformation and uncritical support for the government's position regardless of other evidence. Personally, without some real proof, this tragedy looks just like it appears, an operation executed sloppily but effectively by members of Craft International or a group imitating them. We'll see who the FBI eventually selects as a patsy. One does NOT hire mercenaries to DEFEND. One hires mercenaries to assassinate, i.e. preemptively KILL. Again, what were members of Craft International doing at the marathon, engaged in a drill? If so, there's a LOT of explaining to do.