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The best I can explain

"Has he answered you in your mind, or psychically? If no, does that mean it is a one sided conversation?"

is that Scriptures that I have read or have memorized come to mind when they are needed.

As far as communication with God:
Prayer is me talking to God
Reading the Bible is God talking to me
The Bible says that God created man in His own image. When humanity is cast down from that "position" life is cheapened. People and collectives are content to dominate and/or kill other humans like they are animals.

Who does that set of circumstances benefit?
IMO Any argument that can be made with your words:

“But when most scientists whose very brief is to investigate the nature and subleties of reality do not believe in something, you have to believe one of 3 things:”

Can be answered with what do Big Pharma, Vaccinations, Global Warming, Carbon Taxes, Congressional Lobbying, Insider Trading, Censorship, etc. etc. etc. have in common?