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I will be 50 tomorrow. I have been voting for 32 years. I didn't wake up until Obama was elected. I started searching and only found Ron Paul a year or so before the 2012 elections.

I think that tptb know that a Christian voting block is worth garnering and they have done that by holding moral issues in the forefront to keep the "Moral Majority" voting for Morals while Liberty has been stolen step by step by both parties.

I think Ron Paul speaks to the college campuses because those young adults have 32 years of voting before they are my age and perhaps they will not be hoodwinked by the hegelian democrat/republican show but will pursue liberty both thru activism and thru action.

IMO most Christian denominations have a centralized governing system. How hard is it to take over the top of the triangle and regulate the base?

I think the government has alot of denominations in their back pocket.

Hopefully we can continue to wake people up one at a time.

The concepts you mention: "Liberty? or the political concept of natural law"

I had never even heard of natural law til this year. And I said the Pledge of Alligience and it says "Liberty and Justice for all." I was blinded by patriotic brainwashing.

But I am not now. Or not so much. I am still learning. Just my thoughts.