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Dear Bear I am quite

Dear Bear
I am quite well read. Often when I need it, a quote from a book or a proverb or piece of information comes up exactly when needed.

Our brains are neural networks that store pieces of information and create interconnections between them. If you have read the bible, the answers will come via the bible, if you have read a science book, the answers will come via science.

You will ask what is the difference? It is in that science is based on experimental or empirical evidence and changes to incorporate new discoveries whereas the bible claims to be perfect, unchanging truth though it was written at a time when mankind's sum of knowledge was very poor compared to today.

Who does that set of circumstances benefit?

Just here Bear, we are concerned with truth. The implications of truth are for another discussion. The point that it is simply too terrible to believe so it can't be true is called in general terms, denial.

Bear, at the end you bring up a lot of points which I will be glad to address in another post, but I'll just ask, do you believe scientists are lying to the public about their belief as a larger conspiracy to bring down faith? Who are they doing this for? Who coordinates the effort?

Or are they too scared to come out as religious even though they are?