Comment: 300M Americans.. roughly 7B people...

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300M Americans.. roughly 7B people...

do the math folks. In 24 hours he gets 2.4M NEW listeners? So he lands the whole country in about a week???

Lets say its the world.. At 100K an hour.. how long until he has the whole world wrapped up?

I wont even do the math because of how ridiculous this sounds. AJ got a huge boost from Drudge yesterday. Drudge commands more traffic on the net than anyone other jump site... Including Facebook.

Look at it like this. Drudge is a 'jump' site. You can usually share the information you get on drudge from the link he 'jumps' you to. The links that you see on Facebook may come from your local source, but because of the reach Drudge has, it more than likely came from him first.

Any site that is linked from Drudge will shut down if it is not ready for the traffic. Im not kidding. Ive seen it happen at least twice in the last week. Last one being a NYPost link that was null about the Boston Massacre.

All this being said..

Yes.. AJ saw a HUGE spike in traffic in the past few days. The devil is in the details.

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