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Comment: Fair enough

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Fair enough

I think there are many who profess a level of belief/worship/idolatry for what alex jones does...and at times they are certainly off-putting.

But i think labelling them as a single entity can lead to cutting of the nose to spite the face as it related to your cause/movement...etc

my exercise in asking some questions was meant to point out that many, can recognize that his business, his efforts, his team, do an immense amount of good that isnt done at the level and with the exposure that his platform has.

i can be critical of boisterousness, bombast, self promoting, sensationalism, inaccuracies, and the whole lot while still recognizing that exposing elements of conspiracy, cabalism, cronyism, and the like....are as much the true enemy of Liberty as the ideas and ideals promoted on the saner platforms of information.

i get it can make you ill, and can reek of ignorance...but wanted to try and bridge the gap if at all possible. peace.