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Comment: I expected this to be some retarded nonsense.

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I expected this to be some retarded nonsense.

I see what's being touted as a "missile," it could be. I don't have information of the chain of custody for this film, so not going to say "yes, it was" or "no, it wasn't." If the film hasn't been altered, it could be some kind of projectile. The "missile" is separate from the rest of the fire: "missile strike," then place explodes. Also, in the audio you hear a tell-tale "missile" screeching sound. It's interesting. What motive, and by who? No idea. It also might be total nonsense and was just the fertilizer plant naturally exploding. I don't feel like verifying either way lol.

PS. I don't play the nonsense "missile" game for any other conspiracy, whether real or alleged, such as the 9/11 Pentagon or WTC disinformation.