Comment: I saw skepticism about that guy

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I saw skepticism about that guy

For one, which bomb scene are we talking about? Were there two locations? Because in the photos of the first bomb scene, it does not jive with the photos of that guy...he was not a victim of the bomb that went off by the two para militants. He was not in that picture.

Furthermore, the appearance of the leg wounds is questionable. A couple of pictures showing everyone else being attended to, and him there with hair perfectly in place and no residue or dirt on his face, holding one of his legs. Wounds like that would dictate an immediate tourniquet to both legs. Procedure would have been to tourniquet the legs first then move patient to a stretcher. His injuries were some of the worst, yet he was not being tended to...the for whatever reason, apparently they put him in a wheelchair and wheeled him away....was this to wheel him to where a simple tourniquet could be applied? My first reaction would have been to put my belt on the worst of that guy's maimed legs, and yell for another belt, rope, shirt, boot lace...anything to stop the bleeding. Just odd, that's all I'm saying. None of the para militants in the area defending this nation thought to help that man? Would be nice to have more photo evidence showing that man at the scene.