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Israel intel coming to help

Why not the U.N., why not Mexico, China, Japan or Palestine?

None are needed, BUT, the fact that we insist on helping Israel (Which Israel does not need our help and we should back off), and our support of the UN/NATO global occupation, which means we need to be more global policestate wise to be fair to the other nations.

It's not about caring. Israeli's have no choice, and I'm sure there are those who want Israel and the USA to part as friends, yet, this, like anyone in the military, get's orders and does their job.

It's because the USA depends on Israel as a MIC partner (and for freedom, which many here don't understand (even though CA was Mexico until 1850, and now we have a police border and oppose Mexicans from coming to the USA without documents).

I'd rather a 21 century love affair with Israerl than a UN Agenda 21.