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LOL! I love your sense of humor

LOL! I love your sense of humor, or is it?!

If Israel's gov't intelligence is so great how come the people and country have so few allies besides the US - DECADES after their creation? Couldn't they deal with all the (enemy) subversive agents by now, and make peace with their neighbors?

Looks to me it's RATHER the opposite.

Yeah, they kick ass! Super Intelligence! Never mind they're still in paranoia mode 24/7, and 365 days/year, begging (or welcoming) Obama's billions $$$ for their "defense".

Reminds me of the USA and their so great "foreign policy" (never mind the compound noun DOES NOT EVEN APPEAR in the Constitution, btw! "LMAO", right?!) who are STILL either AT WAR -OR- OCCUPYING ***HUNDREDS*** of countries all over the place.

Like... being ALREADY in Korea DECADES AGO ... and talking about "issues" about it STILL TODAY!

So much for the "nation building"!

Reminds me of the French and their so great healthcare system worshiped a decade ago by all the useful idiots elsewhere - a system NOW GOING BANKRUPT.

Reminds me of so many other "great performers"...

Are people that much MYTH LOVERS, these days, OR WHAT?!

Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.

Sorry. I have eyes to see.

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