Comment: Pascals Law is in the toolbox that I use everyday.

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Pascals Law is in the toolbox that I use everyday.

but since I do not teach anymore I had to look it up!

Pascals wager is correct so, as a Christian I adopted the position of Deism.
it is a tactic to promote deeper thought and peace
I have learned much through the flame wars at the DP over the subject of religion.
as an American I am trying to unite the two sides in common cause.
in 2007 I was much like what bear wrote above.
if we expand pascals observations, it can be seen that the only real basis for the concept of "Law" is nature. the political concept of natural law was developed in the age of enlightenment.
I think it has the power to unite the two waring sides. I think it is both our heritage and a stroke of genious.
I am trying to learn how to promote it.
I am doing some work for a high powered lawyer, I am trying to think of how to ask him about this concept.
in a nutshell,
if out "Law" is not based on something tangible.... how is that any different from fiat money?