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No thank you

This issue is not "off topic." It is at the heart of our ability to stay (relatively) unified as a movement and communicate in a way that expands our ranks and achieves success.

The fact that I cite a personal example is secondary to the main issue.

Beyond that, the attacks were not in initiated in "off topic."

You're free to spin this as a personal dispute, but that's not my motivation. My main focus when it comes to posting on this forum (not my main activism in general, just the issue that gets me going on the DP) is improving the way we communicate our message. Look at my posting history if you need to verify that. The fact that I cite a personal example in this isolated instance doesn't justify your interpretation that I just need to "grow a pair" and all my concerns are then moot. My anatomy has nothing to do with the negative influence poor messaging has on our prospects.