Comment: Had to take some Zofran

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Had to take some Zofran

So I could sit throo Hannity...yech, but I do it for all of YOU.

Hannity, and the rest of FAUX 'news' are following the new trial balloon narrative the FBI is pitching, to the t.

Alex Jones forced the media to abandon the two patsies originally fingered to be the Adam Lanza/James Holmes du jour, and now the MSM have circled the wagons around these two NEW patsies, totally disregarding the plethora of evidenced compiled by to the contrary.

Hannity just sitting there in his make-up looking like he had a stick up his ass, and lapping up all of the spooge dribbling from Mark (the OJ trial evidence planter) Furman's drooling pie-hole.

Well just look at the images Hannity was showing of these two guys, they are walking away from the camera, and there is just NO way that they are carrying PRESSURE COOKER bombs in those back-packs, and no way one of their back packs could be the one shown earlier by the FBI all blown up.

But of course this new narrative has not been debugged, and it too will soon prove that it has no legs either, it is ONLY being floated because the MSM can't let infowars control the dialog.