Comment: Folks, the hell we know what is going on in Boston.

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Folks, the hell we know what is going on in Boston.

Folks, the hell we know what is going on in Boston. I bet this WILL BE replicated all over the place in this country, more and more frequently. Or should I say: more and more REGULARLY?

With or without more gun control, "they" are, ALSO, and anyway, at the same time, desensitizing and conditioning people, in front of overkill, large scale police operations. For BIG POLICE presence.

Be it a genuine attack from blowback effect from US foreign policy or not, the Boston bombing has a perfect candidate/opportunity location to start with: urban, quite big in population.

They're asking people to lock themselves up at home, while BIG POLICE is "securing" or "scanning for national security purposes" the areas for only A COUPLE INDIVIDUALS hiding or on the loose (and that I DON'T deny may be found guilty in the end, but that's not the point here).

Never mind that per your 2nd Amendment right you ALREADY ought to be able to defend yourself AS YOU SEE FIT, staying or moving, against potential individual intruders who are not an entire army coming to you.

IMO, they are mostly testing people's acceptance of BIG POLICE presence - a la martial law times, although not explicited as such, just informal. But in the mere practical facts...

Just use your eyes:

say they repeat this over time, make it progressively longer each time, progressively more spread out each time.

There you have it : Pavlov conditioning to BIG POLICE presence for "exceptional circumstances".

This is mind control. This is fear control. This is obedience control.

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