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It is great.

The silver lining is pepole being forced to care for family. Humans used to do that quite naturally, and now decades of generational "divide and conquer" have left us all resenting our loved ones.
I went to visit my father a couple weeks before he unexpectedly dropped dead. I spent the visit tending horrible cracks on his feet - it was the last act of kindness I ever offered him, and I am almost greatful for his bad feet making me spend that time tending him. We knew when my mother was about to pass, she was "terminal" for almost 10 years, so I flew out 2 weeks before she died, and spent the entire 2 weeks at her bedside, tending her needs. Again, it is a gift I cherish.
You're a good man, skippy. It is hard now, but when they are gone you will not regret one minute of kindness you showed them.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.