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I think whether you believe

I think whether you believe it or not it is time to look at all angles. I believe the Alex Jones pictures more than I believe the FBI right sorry. and maybe that is just partly because of how little I trust our gov't and anyone that has anything to do with them. I heard that the 17 year old in the Alex Jones Boston pic's walked into police to say he did not take part in the Boston bomb, yada yada yada they have now cleared him. Now there are reports saying that he was deported back to Saudi Arabia (not sure how true any of this is right now) but given the lies, greed and deceit that we have had to endure right in front of our faces I don't doubt information like that.
So just because the FBI is saying that the original pics that came out (ie Alex Jones pics) are not true, doesn't mean that they are not true. In fact if Obama or any gov't agency says 'X', I'm going to have 1 eye on 'Y'.