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Comment: I hope this is a lesson for

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I hope this is a lesson for

I hope this is a lesson for all you paranoid disciples of Alex Jones. Tell me, are all these people we're watching live on TV, are they actors? Is this is a big Hollywood production? I'm watching witnesses come on TV talking about how they knew these guys, went to school with them, etc. We're seeing pictures of yearbooks and such. I suppose all this is made up.

After all this has settled what people will remember is how totally bat shit crazy the Ron Paul fans were. Liberals will frequently mention how a loudmouth segment of the "conservatives" were harassing press conferences with conspiracy theories. Among conservatives you'll be remembered as the guys who accused Navy SEALs of being the marathon bombers.

Thank you for doing so much damage to our cause. I would encourage you to take a good long look in the mirror. It's not only the GOP that needs changing. I would beg that you guys please back off and go away before you go irreparable harm to the Paul brand and derail Rand's chance of ever getting nominated in 2016. Between now and then I'm sure there will be more crazy people in the media. Would be nice if you guys weren't part of the problem.