Comment: From what I can recall...

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From what I can recall...

Last night (On the West Coast) CNN came on with some, get this, breaking news when the MIT shooting was going on.

Now...With that said. CNN was apparently the first and only media org. on site initially. There was also video of a man (suspect #1, supposedly) on the ground with police surrounding him. The guy was face down and looked pretty dead to me aside from elevated fingers.

Now mind you, there are reports that he was "run over" by the younger brother? His positioning doesn't seem to correlate with being run over. Seemed to be complying with police...?

So how he died is not quite clear to me. I'm sure a few of you are aware of the significance of early video evidence as opposed to the media's jump-the-gun way of relaying spotty information to viewers hours later when people start to wake up.