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:) Luv ya', PAG!

We may bump heads, but you are one of those people that I KNOW are working from what is good in you.
Understand that I have been diagnosed with a "mental illness" and when they come for me, my family will all stand around and believe whatever lie they tell. They wrote me out of their life when I tried to tell them our government was corrupt, have not talked to me in 6 years... but they will not utter one word in my defense. It is a little personal for me. When I see things like the one kid "disappeared" for a month.... He left a good student, nice kid, and came back a bomber? I just don't buy it, and if their friends and family won't defend them, I will.
I've known some hard core "anti government" people, I've known people who were pretty much nits, but I have NEVER known anyone who walks into a crowd if innocent people and blows them up - the ONLY time it happens is when it looks an awful lot like they were programmed by the government to do so.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.