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You are a tool of disinformation

There IS a tourniquet on one of his legs at least. His hair is singed, his face is dirty, and the guy in the cowboy hat is CLEARLY holding the mans artery pinching it closed.

In other photos you can see the man in the cowboy hat in the middle of the crowd helping, and he said himself he only helped the man who lost both legs. Seems quit logical that you wouldn't be able to see a man laying on the ground in the middle of a crowd of people helping him.

And it was reported that he was the very first person to the hospital.


I don't trust the government with my life but some things are just obviously true. Seriously what is wrong with you conspiracy nutcases. Yes there are conspiracies but not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.

I'm really ashamed of what has become of the minds of so many of you. Not only have you lost the ability to think critically and develop your own thoughts but you are now radicalized into believing that the entire world is a lie.

If I believed God would help us I'd ask him to right about now.