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Maybe CNN can be shamed into doing a better job, next time around! I did not watch this live, because I thought it was a little crass. Now, that I understand, it is classic Stewart! I could not help but laugh out loud at the stupidity!

At this time, they are actively hunting the 19yo. I bet most of us hope we can save money, and keep this out of court (kill the little idiot!). But, I must also not be selfish and hope that he is caught alive. Maybe there are more, than these two punks involved in killing and maiming US citizens, that could be caught!

Hearing about these two, all I can think is, "WHY?!!" We saved these kids' butts and they give us mayhem in return! They had so much going for them! One was such a good wrestler he had a scholarship and the other, apparently a good Golden Gloves boxer! Why, indeed?

The other great point is that, as they claim to be Muslim, us right wing Christian types cannot be blamed. They cannot claim the gun vote was responsible for the senseless act, at the Boston marathon!