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I think this is too perfect. It seems to make perfect sense these guys are responsible.
1.) They have the uncle saying he called him to apologize.
2.) They shot a cop at MIT.
3.) They BOTH died in separate shootouts. (From what I understand so far)
4.) They are another "elusive" boogyman that does not represent a country, but an idea.
5.) Apparently they have caught some "Russian Nationals" in a car with four suspicious backpacks.
6.) They were throwing explosives out of their stolen Benz SUV.

It is very clever that they had this back up plan. There is no denying the evidence put out by Infowars the last couple of days. They were desperate to control the narrative.

They haven't pinned it on the Tea Party types yet, but they will find a way to do it later after the damage has been done.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)