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you're on to WHAT?

...tearing down AJ, I freely admit that, if it's warranted because his platform stains us as a legitimate movement separated from the hijacked Tea Party...he started well, but now he is a major liability to this movement as we are gaining ground with the likes of so many more liberty-minded media folks with a professional demeanor, and our Republican delegates and committeemen on the ground gaining control of various party's....and everyone knows their
names on here, and I think it's safe to say they don't parrot AJ ad nauseum, ad infinitum!!!

I'll get in the mud with you, you want to challenge and "expose" me, and who I "work for"? Have at it!!!
I welcome the divide that says AJ should be kept "in check" for credibility's sake, and so much of what he produces as of recent after his national exposure on gun control should be given a raised eyebrow; that Piers Morgan performance was a hit on gun rights activists, whether you like it or not!!!

I have skin in this game, I'm pretty passionate about my concerns about what GOOD he does for us as a collective...which we MANY people's eyes....