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Agree with you

This is an actor in Hollywood horror movie make-up.

Comments from two witnesses: ralph hornsby

"Almost every photo I have seen with blood is doctored.
I'm not saying it is not real, but the red color of the blood in many of the pictures is a bright, bright red. I work with blood every day and I know the color of blood from the instant it comes out to degraded and old. The color has been messed with."


"As a medical practitioner of 25 years experience, these pictures of "gore" are pure Hollywood props. The same blood and limb amputation memes are seen in recent Hollywood releases e.g. "Small Apartments" 2012 (Franklin dismembers his landlords corpse)."

And the victim still conscious? Really? Evacuated in a wheelchair and not in a stretcher? Am I supposed to believe this? Why all the press coverage of this macabre scene? To shock and convince the people that this was real?

Here is another review of this wound, compared to a real victim - very GRAPHIC:

If we can find 1 actor, we must assume there are more, and that the whole operation is staged.