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What are you talking about?

This has nothing to do with the second amendment. I own guns, I belong to the GOA. I encourage everyone to own a gun.

You're just a nutcase whose been brainwashed into thinking EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.


I'm not the one making up stories based on nothing more than photos.

How many of you with your alternate theories were there at the bombing? How many of you examined evidence first hand? How many of you interviewed witnesses?

What none of you seem to understand is that police investigations are not public events unless they need your help. Turns out they identified their suspects and released photos because they needed our help.

Believe it or not but your alternative theories are based on NOTHING.
You have lost your minds and you'd rather attack those who are fighting for liberty in the real world.

A man lost both his legs! His bones were sticking out! Another man was holding his artery! And you freaks actually have the audacity to claim it is fake! Go bake to your video games and leave the real world to adults.

You are a fake! Your theories make the DP look like an insane asylum.
You are disgusting and an asset to those who want to take our rights.