Comment: Some interesting comments on that website ...

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Some interesting comments on that website ...

... it looks like he only had 4 posts and they were all on 3/19/2012.

But there are posts being put on by other people right now, some of which seem like they have nothing to do with anything and some are about what is going on in Boston. I don't read Russian, but using an online translator, I picked out a few that you will never see in the American media:

- If true, it is up to the mark! and so it should! Let the American House will return all the evil they have created in Iraq and Yugoslavia.

- So you got the Devils in the ass drûčili

- Ahmad, I navral do you think ahahahahah))) that you're Muslim? ...PADI at the mosque had never been

- Che, wear cloths on the FBI, the Devils, they're the same you all and perestrelâût, ahahahhaha

- Thank you for Boston, you made my day

- Anton, C'mon, you remember how many Afghan amerikosy carried out coups in Africa has forgotten??? and then how many people died. or the same Syria, Syrian opposition amerikosy supplying firearms are (terrorists) because they kill civilians

We won't be seeing any of those comments on the talk shows.